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Please call us at 

if you have an after hours emergency!

AFTER HOURS: 5PM - 9PM *Calls will be re-routed to a San Antonio Clinic after 9PM

Porcupine Quill Removal

Hit by a vehicle

Dog fight



Trouble Breathing

Acute Paralysis


We provide a variety of soft-tissue surgical procedures. Surgery is minimally invasive, as we utilize the following state of the art tools:


The "Ligasure" cauterizes vessels using high current, low voltage, pressure. The generated energy fuses collagen and elastin within the vessel walls, which provides a permanent seal.  This instrument, when compared to sutures and clips, reduces blood loss and can also significantly reduce the patient's length of stay. Our "Ellman Unit" and "CO2 laser" cauterize bleeding vessels and cut tissue. These tools provide surgical precision and reduce pain and swelling post-op. Your pet's recovery process is continuously monitored by our veterinary techs and monitoring machines.



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