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In some cases, our Veterinarians may need more precise detail of your pet’s internal anatomy.  A CT Scan, or digital x-ray, may be required. A CT Scan (computed tomography scan), is very similar to a traditional x-ray. However, it produces images that can be reconstructed into 3D models of the affected area. 

"Our images are obtained quickly and have exceptional clarity. We have access to Boarded Radiologists for interpretation." - Dr. Alexander

Why would my pet need digital radiography performed?


  • Tumors have been discovered

  • Scans assist in surgical approach and minimize surgery time

  • Identify or rule out the spreading of various cancers

  • Orthopedic abnormalities

  • Examine tooth abscesses, bones and teeth


We invite you to tour our facility and see the machines prior to your pet’s appointment. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Imaging services.


Our Ultrasound machine is an incredibly valuable tool that often will provide a lifesaving diagnosis! 


Why would my pet need an ultrasound?

  • Issues with urination (UTI)

  • Viewing of the uterus & prostate

  • Recurrent infections 

  • Blood work shows kidney problems 

  • Provides the vet with organ architecture

  • You are concerned with something your pet ingested

  • Ruling out the possibility of stones

  • Evaluate heart functions

  • Preventative care 


The Ultrasound service combined with X-rays form the absolute diagnostic duo. We highly encourage our clients to view the Ultrasound process as it takes place. 

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